Matomo - Features


Matomo is available in self-service in ITCare for all authorized users.

Based on the sizing selected (see Sizings below), multiple components will be deployed with a bare minimum of :

  • 1 front-end web server

  • 1 back-end database server

  • 1 load balancer with a public facing IP (certificate included)

Higher sizings (to track more pages viewed per month) can include more web servers for load balancing. For sizing higher than XL a request ticket will be required.

Once provisioned, your Matomo instance is publicly accessible through the URL provided in ITCare.

Plugins installation and Matomo upgrades can be done by the customer in autonomy.



Matomo is available in the following regions:

  • EMEA - France - Boulogne-Billancourt

  • EMEA - France - Toulouse


The following sizings are available:

SizingEstimated capacity


Tracks 100,000 page views per month or less


Tracks 1 Millions page views per month or less


Tracks 10 Millions page views per month or less


Tracks 100 Millions page views per month or less


Tracks more than 100 Millions page views per month

Resize your Matomo instance

Resize is available in ITCare self-service but only allows resizing UP.

Scaling down is not currently possible.

Supported versions

The version of the Matomo deployed depends on the last patch party.

The last version will often be available but you could have some cases where the version is lagging a bit.

In this case, the update can be either triggered by the customer in autonomy directly from the web UI interface or on request by creating a request ticket in ITCare.


This section is to list which feature / capabilities are available to customer, and how to request / perform them:

Self Service

Customer can perform action autonomously.

On Request

Customer can request for the action to be done by support team.

FeaturesSelf-serviceOn requestComments

Update Matomo

Update can be done by the super user.

Install and activate plugin(s)

Plugins can be installed by the super user from the web UI.

Manage user privileges

Super user can grant privileges to any users.

SSH access

SSH access is disabled and reserved to administrators.

Change configuration file

On request via ticket.


Authentication & Authorizations

Customer is provided with a super user local account.

OpenOIDC is configured to easily add and grant other users access to Matomo.

Secured Transport

Access to your Matomo instance is done securely through HTTPS.

Data location

All datas are stored in data centers on encrypted storage arrays.


The password of the super user account provided to the customer is not stored nor saved by


Matomo and associated components are monitored by our support team.

A global health status is displayed in ITCare for your convenience.

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