GlusterFS - Features


GlusterFS is available as a cluster of two nodes, dispatched in two different Availability Zones for maximum resiliency, with replicated storage pools.



GlusterFS is provided in both Boulogne and Toulouse regions.

A cluster is composed of two nodes in two different availability zones for resiliency purpose.


Storage volumes can be added at your discretion in self-service using ITCare.

It is recommended not to go over 2 TB.


This section is to list which feature / capabilities are available to customer, and how to request / perform them :

Self Service

Customer can perform action autonomously.

On Request

Customer can request for the action to be done to support team.

FeatureSelf ServiceOn RequestComments

SSH access

SSH access is disabled and reserved to administrators.

Manage volumes

Volume management can be done in self-service using ITCare.

Modify configuration file

On request via ticket.


Authentication & Authorizations

Datas are accessible through a CIFS mount authorized only to the user having the same name as the volume and authenticated with the password defined at creation time.

Data location

All datas are stored in datacenters on encrypted storage arrays.

Passwords Management

Password provided by the customer at creation time is not stored anywhere by It can be changed only on special request.


GlusterFS and associated components are monitored by our support team.

A global health status is displayed in ITCare for your convenience.

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