☁️What is ITCare ?

What is ITCare?

ITCare is cegedim.cloud cloud management platform.

It incorporates a web administration interface and an API that provide a 360° view of your Cloud resources hosted and managed by cegedim.cloud.

Designed as a unified web service, it governs the following key points:

  • Cloud resource management: deploy and administer your resources.

  • Supervision: monitor the health and performance of your applications, be notified in case of incidents.

  • Support: contact our support teams for any queries or incidents.

  • Governance: view security and obsolescence reports, manage maintenance slots.

  • Integration: integrate your business processes with your cloud via the ITCare API.

You can access ITCare from any page of this website using the ITCare link in the header.

How can I access ITCare?

The Get started with ITCare page explains in detail how to access ITCare with information about authentication and permissions.

Does ITCare have an API?

The page ITCare API gathers all the information necessary for the discovery and the good use of the ITCare API.

How can I reach cegedim.cloud support by phone?

If you are a customer, you can reach our Service Desk through this direct phone line for any support request: +33 (0)1 49 09 22 22

How can I reach cegedim.cloud by e-mail?

For any information request or contact, please use the contact form of our public website:

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