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How does cegedim.cloud handle patching servers ?

What's a Patch Party?

cegedim.cloud ensures all servers are patched during events called Patch Parties.

These events happen every quarter on Sundays, so 4 times per year.

During a Patch Party, patchs are installed on all servers not excluded from the events then followed by a reboot.

Services will be interrupted during a Patch Party!

What's the schedule?

Patch Parties happen every quarter. Two Patch Parties are scheduled every quarter:

  • QA Patch Party: happens first during business hours on Thursdays and is only applicable to non-production environments.

  • Production Patch Party: happens 3 weeks after the QA Patch Party on Sundays and is only applicable to production environments.

Patch Party events are available in the calendar of our cloud platform management tool ITCare.

What can I do?

Review patch information

On every resource details page, a panel named Patch status lets you review:

  • The last time the resource was patched successfully

    • Timestamp of the upgrade

    • Patch tag of the upgrade with this format: YYYY-QQ (e.g. 2022-Q4)

  • The next Patch Party scheduled if the resource is not excluded

  • The person who excluded the resource and when if the resource is excluded

Include or exclude

On every resource details page, a Patch Party button lets you include or exclude the resource from all future Patch Parties.

Excluding a resource requires a reason explaining why. Including lets you select the Patch Group which will affect when your resource is effectively patched during the patching day.

Change the Patch Group

In the same Patch Party button as described above, you can change the desired Patch Group at any moment.

3 Patch Groups are available to split your resources. Each group be will handled at different times.

This is useful if you don't want multiple resources to be patched (and interrupted) at the same time, thus, improving your application's resiliency.

PaaS products in cluster topologies will already have optimized Patch groups assigned to ensure the availability of the cluster during Patch parties.

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