Object Storage


cegedim.cloud provides an Object Storage Service, delivering dedicated Object Stores, allowing your application to store documents without taking care of capacity, security and availability, with highest standards already built-in.

This is a great way to improve your applications' availability and offload documents, media, structured or unstructured data you usually store on file systems or databases, and reduce your storage costs.

This Object Storage Service is compatible with AWS S3 APIs, facilitating integration within your applications by using SDKs provided by AWS, in Java, Python, JavaScript, .NET, Go and a lot of other languages.

Object Storage as a Service


Data is transferred using HTTPS, so all transferred data is encrypted over the network. Data is also encrypted server-side, on disks. Additionally you can also use a client-side encryption with your own key by using a S3 encrypted client from AWS SDK.


cegedim.cloud Object Storage Service is a fully managed service, so you don't have to worry about management of a Filesystem, its capacity or its security. You can focus on your application while cegedim.cloud takes care of these details.

Reduced Costs

Costs are far cheaper than traditional block storage. You can reduce your bill up to 90% by offloading your data to this service.

High availability

cegedim.cloud Object Storage Service relies on redundant components, with integrated and transparent fail-over / fallback solutions.

Multi-Regions Capability

You can choose to create Object Stores with Geo-replication, improving your applications capability to handle DR concerns.

Data is automatically replicated to two different regions, and you can access to your data with read/write operations on all regions.


The pricing model is entirely based on storage usage, you pay what you use. There is no setup costs.

There are two services:

  • Standard Object Storage : data is not Geo-replicated

  • Replicated Object Storage : data is Geo-replicated in two regions

Billing Formula

You will be billed on usage, in gibibytes (2^30 bytes = 1 GiB) per month, based on the average storage allocated in the month.

Monthly price is calculated on a yearly basis (365.25 days) and may therefore vary slightly from one month to another depending on number of days in the month concerned.

To determine your monthly bill, we convert "bytes per hour" to "gibibytes per month".

For detailed information about the billing, please contact cegedim.cloud.

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