Manage Object Users

Object users are users created to perform operations on Object Storage service using the S3 API.

An Object user is represented by:

  • an access_key

  • a secret_key

When you create an Object Store, an Object user is automatically created with the label "Initial S3 user"

Create an Object user

In the detailed page on your Object Store, click on the "Add User" button

Enter a "Label" to easily identify this new Object user, then click on the Submit button:

Once Object User created, a pop-up appears, displaying the access_key and the secret_key. You can close this pop-up once you have save your credentials.

The newly created Object user is displayed in the User tab:

Manage an Object user

Change the label

Lock or Unlock

Renew a secret key

If you change the secret of an Object User, all applications or clients using it will get a 401 Unauthorized Error.

The change of a secret key can take few minutes to propagate over all Object Storage Service.

You have the possibility the specify a "grace period", in seconds, during which, both old and new secret keys are valid and accepted by Object Storage Service.

At the end of the grace period, the old secret key is invalidate.

Once the action submitted, a popup appears displaying the new secret key:

You can close this pop-up once you have save your credentials.

Delete an Object user

This action cannot be undone.

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