Containers (K8s)

Description provides managed Kubernetes clusters with built-in highest level of security and resilience.

By using those clusters, you can deploy your standard Kubernetes workloads across Availability Zones and data centers to maximize your applications' availability. also provides a console, powered by Rancher, where you can manage your workloads and configure built-in Observability capabilities (Logging and Metrology) to connect to your own platform (Grafana, ElasticSearch, etc...).

Container as a Service

The main objectives of the Container as a Service product are :

  • Ability to provide latest generation Kubernetes clusters on demand

  • Support for StateFul Application

  • Support for persistent volumes with Auto-Provisioning and High Availability

  • Respecting network standards, storage and security rules.

  • Strong security

  • Monitoring and metrics system built-in on demand for each application

  • Support for dynamic network rules



2 - 256

CPU (per node)

2 - 16

RAM (per node)

8 - 384 GB


24x7 Monitoring

Backup worker node

Backup ETCD

Every 2 hours with 7 days of retention

Backup Persistent Volumes

Data replication (DRP)

High availability



Region selection


For more information, please visit K8s - Features.


Billing is processed monthly and based on the number of nodes plus any supplementary costs for storage and backup.

Cost estimation for a Kubernetes cluster is available via your Service Delivery Manager.

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