SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft.

It is designed to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications. The core features of SQL Server include:

  • Data storage and retrieval: SQL Server provides a secure and scalable platform to store a large amount of structured and semi-structured data efficiently.

  • Data querying and manipulation: It offers advanced querying capabilities, such as the ability to write complex queries using SQL language, join tables, create views, and retrieve data based on specific criteria.

  • Business intelligence and analytics: SQL Server provides tools and services for data analysis, reporting, and visualization, allowing users to gain insights from the stored data to make data-driven decisions.

  • Data security and integrity: It offers robust security features, like authentication, access control, and encryption, to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access or modifications.

  • High availability and scalability: SQL Server supports features like clustering, failover, and replication to ensure continuous availability of data and support for growing demands by scaling up or out the database infrastructure.

Platform as a Service

SQL Server is deployed on site in cegedim.cloud data centers.

The same level of service as the Compute offer is guaranteed: instance deployment, operational maintenance, flexibility, security and monitoring are all handled by our experts.

SQL Server 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2022 are available in self-service via our ITCare cloud management platform.

Two editions are supported: Standard and Enterprise.

Two topologies are available:

  • Stand-alone instance

  • Always On cluster

The Always On cluster topology is production-ready, but is only produced on demand. Sizing can be configured to suit your needs.

Stand-alone instanceAlways On cluster




CPU (per instance)

2 - 16 vCPU

2 - 16 vCPU

RAM (per instance)

8 - 384 GB

8 - 384 GB

Supported Version(s)

  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2019

  • 2022

  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2019

  • 2022



24/7 Monitoring

Replication (DRP)




Multi-AZ deployment


For more information, please read SQL Server - Features.

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