Advanced Monitoring using ExtraHop is a feature that can be enabled in ITCare at the Global service level. This gives access to advanced network dashboards on your resources.

Activity - Generic metrics

The following graphs are available in the Activity dashboard:

  • Bandwidth

  • Total traffic

  • HTTP 20* Status Code

  • HTTP requests by Pool Member

  • Top URI requested


This graph shows the evolution of the bandwidth.

  • Bits In : average bandwidth from outside to the public IP.

  • Bits Out : average bandwidth from the public IP to outside.

  • TCP established max : max TCP session established.

Analysis : Zero bandwidth or peak of bandwith may indicate an issue.

Total traffic

  • Bytes In : total from outside to the public IP.

  • Bytes Out : total from the public IP to outside

HTTP 20* Status Code

This graph shows the total amount of requests with 200+ status code. Requests with 400+ or 500+ status code are not shown here.

HTTP requests by Pool Member

This graph shows the total of HTTP request received by the Pool Member.

Analysis : Indication that the load balancing is well done and if some of the pool members receive zero or too many requests.

Top URI requested

Show the Total of by URI requested to the Pool Member.

Analysis : Identify URI that are requested too many times. It helps to improve the code.

Metrics on user experience

Clients TCP Round Trip Time

This graph shows the network latency between the client and the public IP.

Definition of Round Trip Time = network latency / Processing time = server processing time / Slowest URI

Processing time by Pool Member

This graph shows the time the Pool Members will answer to a request.

Analysis : Can indicate performance issues on the server.

HTTP errors

Errors - HTTP errors by status code

This graph shows the top 400+ errors.

Top 500/404/400 errors with the following details :

  • Client IP

  • Pool Member IP

  • Error

  • URI

Security - Metrics on SSL transactions

This is a Security Dashboard. Best practice evolves quickly.

Database - Metrics on the database

Database Activity

Total of response sent from the server to the Pool Members VS the number of error.

Analysis: a change of behavior can indicate an issue. Pay attention to the scale between the errors and the responses.

Database Performance

Server processing time (like the HTTP processing time). It will show how long it will take to the database servers to answer to the Pool Members.

Analysis: Can indicate a performance issue on the database or a bad request efficiency done by the Pool Members.

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