OpenSearch - Features


OpenSearch cluster is available as:

  • 3 nodes cluster - not recommended for Production use

  • 5 or more nodes cluster - recommended for Production use

3 nodes topology

In the 3 servers topology, all server are playing the master role, two of them are also used as data nodes. Each index are by default replicated on those two data nodes.

With 5 to more servers, three node are used as masters only nodes and don't host any data. Depending of the Area, master nodes are dispatched across 2 or 3 Availability Zones. The remaining nodes host only data and are spread over two Availability Zones.


In an Area with 3 Availability Zones, the cluster is resilient against one AZ failure.

In an Area with 2 Availability Zones, the cluster might fail if the Availability Zone containing two masters is not available.


This section lists which feature / capabilities are available to users, and how to request / perform them :

Self Service

Customer can perform action autonomously using ITCare.

On Request

Customer can request for the action to be done by support team.

FeaturesSelf-serviceOn requestComments

SSH access

SSH access is disabled and reserved to administrators.

Change configuration file

On request via ticket.



Authentication uses OpenSearch internal security system.

It can be configured on request to accept Active Directory as an authentication backend.


Authorizations is done using RBAC.

It can be configured on request to accept Active Directory as a backend role provider.

Secured Transport

TLS/SSL is activated by default for the incoming and internal network flows.


This section explains how the password management is handled:

PasswordStored by cegedim.cloudStored by customerEnforcedComment

admin account

ANY other account

kibana account

Used by the dashboard server to connect to the cluster

support account

Used by support team (it has limited access and cannot read index datas)

centreon account

Used by monitoring system (it has only access to monitoring information)

prometheus account

Used by metering system (it has only access to monitoring information)

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